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Check Your Child Booster Seats

Police department members can check your child and booster seat installations, recalls, and answer any questions you have on child and booster seats. Village residents can have child/booster seats checked by appointment by calling 845-469-4681 or email [email protected].

Sex Offender Watch


The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Police Chief’s Association of Orange County bring you Offender Watch®.  A local searchable database updated by local municipalities.  You may also sign up for email alerts in your area.  Feel free to view the presentation on the program.



You can access search the DCJS web site for level 2 and level 3 offenders by name, county or zip code.  SEARCH HERE

New Yorkers can now register with the state’s NY-ALERT system to receive e-mail, text message, fax or telephone notifications when moderate and high-risk sex offenders move.

The sex-offender information is new to the Emergency Management Office’s NY-ALERT system, established in September 2007, which offers emergency data such as road closings, weather warnings, public-health advisories and Amber Alerts for missing children.

NY-ALERT provides information about Level 3 (high-risk) and Level 2 (moderate-risk) sex offenders. By law, the state can only give details about Level 1 (low-risk) offenders through a toll-free number, 800-262-3257.

Register for the alerts through the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

ATM Skimming Alert

Last weekend, a Credit/Debit card skimming device was discovered on the ATM machine at The Castle. It was discovered before any of the collected data could be stolen by the suspect(s).

The Village of Chester PD is conducting an investigation with the cooperation of The Castle. Two suspects were identified and the investigation is on-going.

The panel to the left of the keypad was actually fake and had a pinhole camera focused on the keypad to record pin numbers. The card reader was placed over the real reader and captured the card data.

Everyone should be cautious and physically check the card slot prior to putting their card in at stores and gas stations.

If there is any doubt, go in and use the reader at the register. If you locate a suspicious device, please report it immediately.

Pay Traffic Tickets

Village Court Traffic Tickets issued after January 9, 2014 may be paid online HERE.

For more information on Village Court and violations go HERE.