Street Department

The Village of Chester Street Department is dedicated to providing safe, courteous, dependable and economical service, wherever and whenever possible for all our residents.  The Village of Chester is proud to employ men and women of the community. Their dedication and hard work helps make Chester what it is today.

Some of the projects and programs that the Street Dept. provides are:

  • Drainage Projects

  • Road Construction and Improvement

  • Curb and Sidewalk Replacement/Repair

  • Green Waste Removal Program (April 1st-December 1st)


In the spring of April 2000, the Village of Chester changed the Green Waste Removal Program, from picking up lawn clippings and leaves from plastic bags to brown paper bags only. This new program has proven to be very effective. Because of the increased use in the green waste removal program, it allows us to increase the time frame of picking up bags. Due to the recent increase in the cost of bags and that bags can now be purchased locally.

The Village of Chester will no longer distribute bags. Bags can be purchased at Lowes and Shop Rite.

Listed below are a few guidelines that are to be followed when putting out lawn clippings, leaves and brush.

  1. Only grass and leaves will be the only items to be placed in the bags. No garbage, dog waste, sticks, rocks, dirt, or flower pots will be placed in the bags.
  2. Green Waste Material must be curbside by 6:00am on Friday
  3. Grass clippings and leaves must be in biodegradable bags
  4. Bags are to be put out in a manageable manner, so that one person can pick up the bags and put it on the truck.
  5. Brush piles are to be bundled or tied up neatly and not be any longer than 4 feet in length. These piles must also be manageable so that one person can pickup the pile and put it on the truck.
  6. Leaves are only to be bagged from April, 1 to September, 15. From September 15, to December 1, leaves can be brought to the curb for bulk pickup. It is preferred that the leaves be put out for bulk pickup rather than be bagged during this time. All weekly pickup will end on December 1 or at the Street Commissioner’s discretion.

NOTE: Any deviation from the guidelines mentioned above will result in items being left behind until the proper guidelines are met.