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Water Department


The Village of Chester Water System was established in 1892. The source of this supply was a surface water supply located in Monroe, NY. This water supply is still in use today This water supply source has a DEC permitted withdrawal of 800,000 gallons per day.  A second source of supply was used in the early 1960’s and was permitted for use by the Village of Chester in 1973. This source has an updated DEC permit allowing for 1.1 million gallons of withdrawal per day.  In 2019, 213 million gallons of water were produced for an average of 585,000 gallons per day. Our distribution system consists of over 28 miles of water main in sizes from 2″ to 12″.

We have 170 fire hydrants, 380 mainline water valves, 900 service connections and three water storage tanks with a combined storage capacity of 2 million gallons.

The Village of Chester Water Department has three full-time employees. Our department employees are all licensed by New York State as IIA Water Plant Operators’ They also hold “D” Water licenses for Village distribution systems and are Certified Backflow Prevention device testers.


  • Our number one priority is to produce safe potable drinking water for the Village of Chester.
  • We are responsible for the operations and maintenance on all our water facilities.
  • Maintain our entire water distribution system.
  • Fulfill all of the water testing requirements required by the Orange County Health Department.
  • Do mark outs for Dig Safely NY requests. 811
  • Water meter readings, replacements, and repair.
  • Oversee all work done on our water mains that are connected to our water system.
  • As a small water system, our employees cover all aspects of the water industry.

Water Billing and Collection
The Village Clerk’s Office bills water to Village and Non-Village customers. Residents are billed May and November.

There are businesses within the village that are billed quarterly.  If water bills go unpaid a 5% penalty for the 1st month will be added.  An additional ½% per month thereafter.

Final water reads require two day notice before closing date.

E-Bill Sign-up Form
Sign up here to receive your water billing by email.

Returned Check Fee
The Village will assess a fee of $20 for all returned checks. You are required to bring in cash or money order only, in the amount of the check plus the $20 fee within 7 business days.

Address Change Form
You may submit a change to your water and sewer bill mailing address here.

Water Rates (Updated 06/01/2022)

Other Water Fees (Updated 2020)

Water Sprinkler Fees (Updated 2020)